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D., 8
D., 8

D., for development in English and desarrollo in Spanish, is the story of a young girl getting herself into a jazz dancer. She goes from basics of classic dance to different stages until she finds her place, her way. The rhythm and the learning curve it is intimately engaged to the music, a well-known piece from Peer Gynt, In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Locations are Valencia and Bétera, Spain, recorded 2012.

The story

Sergi Albir (Valencia, Spain, 1972) and Judit Triguero wanted to make a dance video to show their skills in their respective fields. During the previous conversations, the idea of making a simple but interesting concept was used as the main concept. Sergi Albir is mostly making photos and writing articles for ElPaís, a Spanish newspaper and for his own company, Jalalala SL.

D., 3
D., 3

The dancer

Judit Triguero (Tarragona, Spain, 1984) is a dancer, coreographer and dance teacher with a wide experience. She has been studying from 1990 a wide spread of dance specialties like contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, samba salsa and ballet, among others, with specialists such Alex Sieff, Eva Panadero,
Adrián&Anita or Lorenza Di Calogeno.
At this moment she is teaching in Show Dance Studio, Valencia, and collaborating with Alex Sieff in a musical based in Aladdin.

D., 5
D., 5

The team

Director: Sergi Albir
Producers: Sergi Albir, Judit Triguero, Nadia Alba for Jalalala
Production Assistants: Yamileth Galeano, David Albir, Bárbara
Music: Edvard Grieg (obviously, not original music for the film).
Film Editing & Director of Photography: Sergi Albir
Make up: Nadia Alba Make Up & Style
Coregraphy Assistant: Yamileth Galeano
Lighting & Electrician Assistant: David Albir


D., 2
D., 2


Sergi Albir studied Business and Economics in college. Professionally, he has always been connected with the media. He has worked as photographer, journalist, and writer. He is also the owner of a small company, “Jalalala SL.” In addition to radio and written work, he has produced some videos, a TV pilot, “Poker on Tour,”  he has directed «Philippe», and collaborated in some short movies, “Instrucciones de vuelo sentimental,” “Corazón de gorila,” and “Remordimientos.” Directing “D.” is his  second experience as a director.

Sergi Albir

Sergi Albir


D. is recorded in full HD 1080p (originally in English). There is a Spanish version with English subtitles, recorded with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 5D Mark III. Editing, photography, and sound are done by Sergi Albir for Jalalala, SL.

D., 7
D., 7


D. had its first screening on March 2nd, 17h in Filmoteca Valenciana, Sala Luis García Berlanga, Edificio Rialto, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17, Valencia, Spain.



Sergi Albir

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