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Fotógrafo Archerphoto, imagen de Alicante

Professional photographer in Spain: in English

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About Archerphoto

  • Let’s be clear, Archerphoto is basically Sergi Albir.

But everybody knows teamwork is frequently the way best results are achieved. Issues like lighting assistants, make-up, sound crew, hairdressing, creative aid, or editing people can team up to the results. Sergi Albir -yeah, that’s me again – is CEO of Jalalala SL and directs all tasks, but it’s not the only one who’s working.
Sergi is a professional photographer from 2007. He’s also worked as a journalist, economist and he’s been in media from 1992: press, radio, TV. Born in Valencia, Spain, he works mostly there. He is an English-speaking photographer who is writing all this.

Port of Valencia, by Archerphoto, professional photographer in Spain

Our works include photography and video, SEO and other marketing tasks related with business in Spain.

My website in English as a photographer in Valencia is http://archerphoto.com. There you will find most of the content I produce translated in English. Sometimes there are some difference in my texts, however.

Professional photographer in Spain

If you need to contact a professional photographer in Spain, you can do it here immediatly: my mail is sergi@archerphoto.eu and my phone number, with Whatsapp and Telegram, is +34 644459753. Feel free to contact me for an estimate, but be patient. When I’m shooting, I’m not answering the phone, so I recommend you always try to reach any photographer by message. I work as a professional photographer in Valencia, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Lisbon, Rome, Brighton or wherever I’m needed.

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